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Satoshigallery is a project of Valentina Picozzi, one of the very early artists who created and joined the crypto art movement back in 2013.

As a bitcoin activist, she wanted to spread the crypto culture to a larger audience and she soon realized that iconography could be used to fill the gap between technological developers and general public. The strength of art is the ability to sublimate complex themes into something that everybody can understand. 

In her works she covers two main themes: the first one is strictly related to cryptocurrency, the bitcoin culture, the stories and anecdotes behind it; the second is a critical analysis of the status quo of the banks, the financial system, the currency war which is going on right now and the decline of fiat currency.

“Images creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future


Art has always been used to describe historical revolutions - and thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto we are in the middle of a technological one, to the point that many experts say we are now living the 4th industrial revolution which is based on crypto-cyber systems.

Driven by the concept that art should have an educative role and images should carry a message, Valentina Picozzi consider herself a “son of a bit”. 

Satoshigallery artistic production is a full immersion in the culture behind the philosophy of the cryptocurrency.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto (the inventor of bitcoin)? Why did animals like the Alpaca and the Honey Badger become a sort of a mascotte for this new technology? Why is the pizza related to this world? What is the difference between digital money and fiat currency? 

Thanks to the use of vibrant colors and identifiable imagery typical of the Pop Art, and the belief that art should function in opposition to the hegemonic system of laws, property, and ownership typical of the Street Art Movement, each art piece will sparkle your curiosity to better understand the crypto world from its origins to the latest developments.


currency war
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Currency war, also known as competitive devaluations, is a condition in international affairs where countries seek to gain a trade advantage over their countries by causing the exchange rate of their currency to fail in relation to other currencies.

These wars are wars on populations because saving accounts has no more value.

In this specific section, the artist wants to outline how inflation is affecting the legal tender in different countries by giving her interpretation of different banknotes.

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