Hype.art is a curated digital art gallery  at the forefront of the NFT marketplace with innovative viewing rooms and technological skills to help both galleries and artists to access the digital market

Differently from the others NFT marketplaces, Hype.art runs a program tailored to collectors, featuring represented and non-represented artists. By providing unique access to artists in their studios and homes through insightful interviews, Hype.art wants to become a leader in the digital art world without making the user lose the immersive experience of the artistic scene, creating a meeting point between traditional and digital art


We think that art should be available for everyone

We see Auctions as an emotional experience and not only a mere acquisition process

We believe that the world of traditional and digital art should merge


We want to create an environment where the artist can fully express himself in a digital context

We will provide an engaging interface to digital art

We planned to create a unique gamification combined with art

Every Exhibition starts with exclusives Whitelist followed by an Auction.
Don't miss the opportunity to collect your artwork and to gain in the secondary market.

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